our ingredients

Simple ingredients from simpler times.

Times were a lot different when our family recipes were created. There was no need for organic ingredients because everything was organic. And the food that came from local farms was simply called food.

That’s what we love about our grandpa’s meatball recipe. It’s simple. It’s authentic. And it’s all about bringing the best Italian flavors together with nothing more than your hands. (And a few sips of espresso. Or wine. Whichever you prefer.)

We are happy to partner with the family run business of Spices Inc. What is important to them is in line with our values. They source from organic spice suppliers that are committed to sustainable farming and production practices that are critical to our own health as well as the planet's future. Their spices meet strict USDA NOP (National Organic Program) standards. When we support organic farmers by buying organically grown spices, we’re doing a small but critical part in helping prevent soil erosion, saving the energy that it takes to produce synthetic fertilizers, protecting farm worker's health and helping to keep the carcinogens found in herbicides and pesticides out of the water system and the food that we eat.

We searched far and wide for the highest quality ingredients, even our gluten-free bread crumbs are sourced from Colfax, WI. With a family focus on health and wellness, Green Bakery was the perfect gluten-free force to join the 3LS commitment to fresh and natural. Visit Green Bakery’s website to find a TON of delicious GF recipes and products.

We will always keep our ingredients simple, organic and gluten free. That’s our commitment to you, the planet and, of course, our Grandpa Lonetti.