Sorta Italian. Lots of Italian tradition.


Growing up with one obviously very fortunate brother, we were always referred to as “the sisters”, or “the girls”. Now, with kids of our own, we are also known as “the aunts”. Our Grandpa Lonetti had 3 sisters too: Genevieve, Cecilia and Rose. Their parents came to St. Paul, MN from Calabria, Italy. In our big Italian family (our dad has 5 brothers), somehow we are the only other set of 3 Lonetti sisters. Our company name, 3 Lonetti Sisters, was pretty easy to agree on when we decided to give this meatball spice making business a roll. And while the three of us aren’t full-blooded Italian, as our mother would say, we choose to celebrate our Italian heritage!


Our big Italian family has always connected through food. (We actually take pictures of the food at the beginning of parties, not kidding!) A tradition that started with family celebrations at our Grandpa Lonetti’s house, where he actually had a second kitchen in his basement to fry his meatballs and cook his red sauce! While times have definitely changed, our Grandpa Lonetti’s recipes haven’t, and are still always a part of our frequent get-togethers.  

That’s right, we throw lots of family parties. Full on Italian-style gatherings where we talk with our hands, share great food, arrive early and leave late. Oh yeah, and share a couple glasses of wine. This is how we grew up, and it’s important for us to continue the tradition with our kids. And to no surprise, they love it as much as we do!


Ann, Steph, Katie

years of family tradition.

The below Lonetti family traditions of the past showed us how to put family first, how to host a party with good food and drink and how to have some fun. We grew up living all of these, but unfortunately the New Year’s Eve tradition only through story. Grandpa taught us about more than meatballs!