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Sorta Italian. Always authentic.

Recipes for Italian meatballs. And Italian vegetarians.

You don’t have to be a meat-lover to love our meatball spices. They’re amazing whether you add them to beef, pork, poultry or any plant-based ingredients your taste buds desire.

Note: Don’t stress out over portions of ingredients. Cooking like an Italian is not a science, it’s an experience. Our Grandpa Lonetti measured things by memory and the fistful, and his meatballs were always delicious!



Did you know Italian meatballs didn’t originate in Italy? Nope. They were created by southern Italian immigrants when they came to America (like our grandpa’s family). That means, in order to be truly authentic your Italian meatballs should come from this side of the pond. As in the East Side of St. Paul.