ALWAYS thankful.

Our Parents. Ever heard of family obligation? We have, for our whole lives. Family obligation in our family meant that you NEVER missed a family event, ever. When we were younger we weren’t always happy about it, but today all 3 of us are grateful. Dad and Mom, your legacy is family. A family that loves to be together and celebrate life’s moments. Thank you!

Beth Kinney Lonetti and Anne Taylor, our amazingly talented marketing and design team. Thank you for our beginning and shaping us into a real business. Katie Bohlke thank you for joining the team and your continued support, creativity and expertise on all of the projects we have thrown your way. You 3 women are amazing and we are so grateful to you. 

Paddy Whelan and Sarah Schrantz, owners of the Darkhorse Bar & Eatery in St. Paul (and Muddy Waters in Uptown!). Thank you for hosting our launch into the local business scene. You all know how to throw a party but really it’s hard to go wrong with Grandpa’s Meatballs on the menu! 

Tom and Jenni Smude and Doug Virnig of Smude Sunflower Oil. Thank you for making co-packing with your company such an absolute pleasure. We admire how well you operate as a family run business and the new opportunities you are willing to take on. We look forward to future endeavors with you.  

Matt Miller and Adam McMorrow of Kaposia Club in South St. Paul. We are honored that you included Grandpa’s Meatballs on your menu with the grand opening of your restaurant. Best meatball bomber in town!

Kayla Yang-Best at Seasoned Specialty Food Market. Thanks to Kayla we are able to sell Grandpa’s Meatball Mix in a retail store just 9 months from the time we decided to embark on this adventure. Her business model was created to specifically benefit small food makers. She describes food makers as entrepreneurs, artists and innovators. We are happy to be included in this group.

Jake Dettinger at Green Bakery. Our gluten-free bread crumbs are sourced from the good people at Green Bakery in Colfax, WI. We struggled to find a local gluten-free bakery here in the cities willing to make breadcrumbs for us but we sure are happy to be working with the folks at Green Bakery. Check out their website for more gluten-free options.  

Jon Lovold of Alternative Printing is a long time friend, and now our favorite label printer ever. Thank you for all your guidance as our labels became a beautiful reality. You even made house calls! Your support has been over the top!  

Natalie Vandenburgh at the Good Acre Kitchen.  Natalie was willing to meet and discuss our specific needs in order to produce Grandpa’s Meatball Mix. She made allowances that other kitchens couldn’t and made our project a possibility. We have been welcomed to the Good Acre Kitchen warmly by staff and fellow food makers.