Makes 60-1 oz. meatballs


« 2 lbs ground beef (80-85% lean)

« 1 lb ground pork (not sausage, just pork)

« 1 egg

« ¼ cup ketchup

« 2 squirts yellow mustard

« Whole jar of Grandpa’s Meatball Mix


Dump entire jar of meatball mix into a small bowl and blend spices. Place meat in a large bowl, gently break apart. Add a lightly beaten egg, ketchup and mustard and blend so egg, mustard and ketchup are evenly distributed. Spread meatball mix evenly over meat. Mix all ingredients together in the large bowl with your hands and then roll into 1.5” balls.

Bake at 425° on foil-lined baking sheet until meatballs are brown on top and nearly black on bottom, no need to turn over. Or fry them in oil in a cast iron skillet like our Grandpa did. If they’re savory, spicy and crunchy outside, you’ve done them just right. Enjoy!

Tip: You can always freeze uncooked meatballs and save them for another time. Freeze on baking sheet and then store in resealable plastic bag. Meatballs can be cooked frozen. You’ll thank yourself for this preparation later!

Katie Gunderman