« 1 lb firm tofu (1 carton)

« 1 egg

« 2 heaping T ketchup

« 1 squirt yellow mustard

« 3/4 cup plus 2 heaping T of mix


Press tofu to squeeze out water. Use a fancy tofu press if you’re a serious vegetarian, or just place between paper towels first, then a plate on either side, and weigh down with some soup cans. After tofu has pressed for about 20 minutes, crumble with your hands into a bowl. Add in your spices and ingredients and mix together with your hands and roll into balls. Brush balls with olive oil. Bake at 425° on foil-lined baking sheet until tofuballs are browned and caramelized. Or fry them in oil in a cast iron skillet like our Grandpa did with his original meatballs.

Tip: you can for sure make a 3 lb batch of tofuballs as well! Just refer to our original recipe and use three blocks of firm tofu!

Katie Gunderman