« 2 pounds chicken cutlets or tenders (We like tenders because they fry up and serve easily.) 

« 1 jar spaghetti sauce

« Olive or canola oil for frying. We prefer, Smude Sunflower Oil, fries up light without a lot of splatter!

« 2 cups mozzarella cheese (More or less depending on what you like.)

« 1 egg lightly beaten in shallow dish

« ⅔ cup of our Meatball Mix in shallow dish. (Note: empty contents of jar into separate bowl. Mix well and measure off desired amount. Return remaining spices to jar.)


Dip chicken in egg, then roll and press lightly into Grandpa’s Meatball Mix. Lay on plate until 1 lb is breaded. Fry chicken in a cast iron skillet (or Teflon) in 1 inch of oil. Wait until oil is hot and then add chicken. Turn when brown. Bread remaining chicken while the 1st batch fries. Drain/cool on wire rack over brown paper bag. Pour sauce (about 1 cup) to cover bottom of 9x13 glass or metal pan. Layer chicken, ok to overlap slightly. Cover with red sauce (1-2 cups or desired amount). Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.

 Bake at 350 degrees covered for about 30 minutes or until bubbling. Take off cover and broil just long enough to brown cheese. Serve with pasta or *zoodles or just a chunk of bread and enjoy! OK, a salad would be nice too and maybe a glass of vino?

*We LOVE zoodles! Zoodles are zucchini noodles made by an amazing machine called a Spiralizer. Google it, order it on Amazon. It’ll make a great addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Katie Gunderman